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This is a design app for embroidery designs, this app contains complex design editing commands and wizards to help users create their perfect embroidery designs with just their fingertips.


  • The base program is a pc software, not optimised for mobile platform;

  • The program is very cluttered with lots of functions and icons on the screen, it is hard to focus on a function without being distracted;

  • The program has a strong resemblance to the Microsoft Office Suite, it is more suitable for text editing than design editing, and it doesn't match the product branding.


Study & declutter 

I studied some renown examples on the market for mobile design creation and editing, and looked for ways to declutter and simplify user workflow while cohering with our other cross-platform products.


I scheduled weekly workshops to walk through parts of the flow, features and prototypes with the stakeholders and developers, we'd come to an agreement, then I'd made improvements from the discussions and present the changes, the designs would go through the cycle multiple times until all are satisfied.


Proposal &
DEsign System

When more designs were created I'd build a design system with all the UI atoms and molecules, I built the design file in the beginning with all styles and components set up so it was made easy to share the exports and codes with the developers with just a link.

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